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Atlas of Histology PDF Download

Introduction to Atlas of Histology PDF:

Di Fiore’s Atlas of Histology is a histology book for students who want to understand
histology in detail. Originally published many years ago, 12 editions of this book have been
released so far. Colour atlas of histology pdf explains the fundamentals of histology and has
many realistic, colourful diagrams to help readers visualize histological structures.

Atlas of Histology PDF

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Review Atlas of Histology :

In this histology atlas, illustrations are accompanied by photomicrographs of those
structures. It is due to this reason that many readers claim that this book is the best for the

Moreover, the author has correlated the structures with their functions so that students can see how the body operates. The new edition of histology pdf has an expanded introductory portion that explains the techniques used in a histology lab.

There are different strains that are used for examining structures under the microscope and a list of these stains is given in the textbook. Also, there is a chapter that deals with cell biology that has comprehensive detail of the field along with photomicrographs to show structures.

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These photomicrographs show the different stages of mitosis. Firstly, the microscope is discussed and methods for seeing histologic features under the microscope are discussed. Then, there is an emphasis on tissues and the body systems that they make up.


  • The latest edition has high-quality images that have been enhanced.
  •  Several electron micrographs are also present in this book. A total of 40 new
    micrographs have been added to the 12th edition.
  •  For students, there is an online book which has questions at the end of each chapter.
  •  The online atlas also has 450 more micrographs than the actual book along with all
    images from the textbook.
  •  Whether you are a medical student or a histology graduate-level student, this book
    will be able to benefit you.

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