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Oncology at a Glance PDF

Introduction Oncology at a Glance Pdf:

Oncology at a Glance Pdf was written by Graham Dark and was originally published in 2013. Published by Elsevier, this book is a foundational level text for oncology students, containing information about palliative care and other aspects of cancer.

The only thing most students know about cancer is the formation of tumour and uncontrolled cell division. There is so much more to cancer than that which is why it is such a complex disease. This book offers an explanation of aspects that are not mentioned in high school books or other general books.

Oncology at a Glance Pdf

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Review of Oncology at a Glance Pdf;

At a Glance series, Pdf has come out with an oncology book which is probably the aptest subject for this age and time. Current, leading universities and scientist are working on cancer to find the possible cure. Other books in this series are Histology at a Glance Pdf and some other biomedical books.

For students who want a holistic understanding of this disease, this book is a gem since it combines understanding with basic biology. Students will understand how cell communication and various other body functions contribute to the spread and the birth of cancer.

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The foundation for cancer medicine is also mentioned in the book along with the advances that have taken place over the years. The author talks about how cancer is not only treated but it is also managed and has to be cured.

Young oncology is a topic that is not often discussed but this book talks about it too and includes the clinical trials in that field in the text too. This book can also be used by general readers who are taking care of a cancer patient since it talks about taking care of patients towards the end of their lives too.

Features of Oncology at a Glance Pdf

This book is suitable for health care professionals.
It can be used by students of medical science too.
Anyone with a cancer patient in the family will find this book informative.

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