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Strength Training Anatomy PDF

Introduction to Strength Training Anatomy Pdf:

Strength Training Anatomy Pdf all edition has been written by Frédéric Delavier. The author has a degree in morphology and anatomy.

He completed his studies from École des Beaux-Arts, the much-renowned school in Paris and then went on to study dissection.

At the Paris Faculté de Médecine. , he spent three years studying dissection. He was naturally gifted with the art that he has showcased in this book and he used this talent to help students and professionals who are associated in any way with anatomy.

Strength Training anatomy workout Pdf free download has sold over a million copies. The latest edition has new exercises in them and some amazing illustrations form the author.

Strength Training Anatomy Pdf download

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Review of Strength Training Anatomy Pdf:

Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy Pdf free download gives strength training advice while explaining how different exercises are anatomically effective and will bear results.

There are different exercises and stretches in the book for building up your strength and endurance. The author has explained how different structures, muscles and joints of the body are involved in these exercises and how they are affected.

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There are more than 600 illustrations in this one-of-a-kind book. The author has explained all structures involved such as ligaments, tendons, bones and even the connective tissues. Not only has the author shown how each exercise affects different muscles and bones but he has also included injuries in the latest edition.

There is detailed information on how injuries occur and which structures are involved. Moreover, there are also some precautions to help you exercise safely. Different regions of the body are discussed in each chap.

Features of Strength Training Anatomy Pdf

There are a total of 7 chapters and each chapter deals with one part.
The order of chapters in the book is as arms, shoulders, chest, back, legs, buttocks and abdomen.
Over 60- marvellous illustrations are present in the book.


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